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Reinventing the way your media is measured.

The media ecosystem has been defined by reach, impressions, and clicks for about 20 years. From our experience much of the value that goes into producing quality journalism gets lost by those types of metrics, and the effect has been disastrous for the industry.

Yet it seems completely counter intuitive that media orgs would struggle given the massive opportunity the Internet offers. Over 3.5B people are connected now. Fast mobile networks reach 84% of the global population. And digital ad spending is expected to reach $224 billion globally in 2017.

If quality journalism outlets could demonstrate how much impact they have in the world then lucrative business models would surely find them.

So, we collected tons of data about the media and began analysing it. You can see our machine doing its magic throughout the day every day on, creating a map of interests in the world. The data shows what matters to whom, when, where and how much. That was the first phase of our plan to reinvent media measurement. The second phase is beginning to unfold now — The Attention Index.

The Attention Index puts all this activity into context. It scores and ranks behaviours in relative terms so it’s easy to compare what’s working vs what’s not working. For example, it considers whether a publisher thinks something is particularly important and uses reader response to see if the public agrees.

We’ve started publishing raw data for people to download and explore. The May 2017 CSV includes 128,000 article headlines, URLs, editorial promotion data, social data and attention scores. Every month we’ll publish the data we’ve collected and scored with the algorithm.

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