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Multiply Bureau has deep experience working with large foundations and media companies to help them define their impact goals, to create processes for reporting against those goals, and assisting in the implementation and use of new tools and practices. We also work to integrate impact measurement into all projects through goal setting, analytics, and insights.

For the last eight years we have been working closely with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help them measure and understand the impact of their media grantmaking portfolio. In this capacity we have worked directly with media companies to help them develop measurement frameworks, and to help them implement tools to report their impact to the foundation. 


In close partnership with the foundation and other foundation partners we developed an experimental ROI formula, and conduct ongoing and detailed data analysis using grantee metrics to deliver portfolio-level insights, visualizations, and dashboards. As part of this work we have created content coding taxonomies and conducted extensive content coding and analysis.


In addition, we have overseen experimental research on the impact of brand on perception change, and network analysis on media affinity audiences.

We have recently partnered with Dot Connector Studio to assist with research and reports on engaged journalism for The Lenfest Institute and the Democracy Fund. Other highlights include the development of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative's media impact measurement framework and projects with the Knight Foundation and the Local Media Association.


Learning to Listen: Building a culture of engagement in newsrooms, from The Lenfest Institute and Dot Connector Studio, with research support from Multiply Bureau.

Multiply Bureau's Hannah Eaves authored the essay Measurement Frameworks for Journalism which appeared in Media Impact Funders' Decoding Media Impact: Insights, Advice & Recommendations.

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