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Emblematic is one of the world's foremost producers of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.

The team includes award-winning filmmakers, journalists, designers, and veteran game developers and leads the industry in creating fully immersive environments that place the user inside the scene, allowing them to move through, interact, and play with the story. Emblematic's CEO, Nonny de la Peña was named the Wall Street Journal's 2018 Technology Innovator of the Year and has been called the "Godmother of VR" by Forbes.


Multiply Bureau managed the product design and development process to help build Emblematic Group’s new REACH platform. 

REACH is the first web platform for creating, remixing, and sharing volumetric VR using real people and places.


From places like the Tijuana border to Greenland to the Supreme Court, storytellers will be able to bring their own pressing stories straight into the browser for high fidelity virtual reality in a way that previously was too costly for most newsrooms. The eventual goal is for any user with a mobile phone to be able to create and publish experiences that lets users walk around inside the story. 

REACH is currently in private beta.



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